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Tree - Range - Wildlife Programs

Conservation Tree Program Each spring the Nemaha NRD plants and/or distributes trees for conservation purposes including windbreaks, shelterbelts, wildlife habitat, firewood plantations, and Christmas trees. Orders are taken beginning in the fall for delivery the following spring. Trees must be paid for in advance. Several species are offered including conifers, deciduous trees, and wildlife shrubs.

Though the NRD offers a planting service, orders must be placed by December 31, 2017.  Contact the Nemaha NRD office for an order form or click here to request a form.

2016-2017 Planting Program:

Orders for spring, 2017, delivery/planting are now being accepted.
NOTE: You must reside in or own property within the Nemaha
NRD to be eligible to order.

2016-2017 Pricing Information:

Trees: $1.00 each, plus tax (based upon point of delivery)
Minimum order of 25 trees/species required
$4.00 packaging/handling fee per order (does not apply to orders planted by NRD)

Machine Planting: $1.00 per tree, plus tax – Minimum planting 200 trees

Tree Planter Rental: $40.00 per day, deposit required – Advance reservation required.

All payments due in advance; trees will not be reserved until payment is received. If the NRD is planting your trees, the site must be adequately prepared, which includes fall tillage if the ground is in sod. Orders for NRD-planted trees are due by December 31.
Deadline for ordering trees to be planted by the customer is March 1.

Conifers Deciduous Shrubs
Eastern Red Cedar Black Cherry American Hazelnut
Canaan Fir Black Walnut American Plum
Black Hills Spruce Sugar Maple Amur Maple
Ponderosa Pine Chinkapin Oak Chokecherry
Eastern White Pine Bur Oak Black Chokeberry
Colorado Blue Spruce Northern Red Oak Elderberry
Norway Spruce Swamp White Oak Lilac
  Pecan Skunkbush Sumac
    Redosier Dogwood

Check out this video on NRD conservation tree programs.

Additional information and pictures of tree species
can be found on the following web site:

Grass Drill Program

Because of the demand for no-till drilling services and for grassland drill rental, the NRD began offering these services a couple of years ago.  We provide no-till drilling services with a 7-foot Tye drill each spring and fall at a rate of $22.00/acre (minimum charge is $100). You must request the service in advance and pay 100% of the estimated cost as a deposit.  For spring drilling, all paperwork and prepayment is due no later than March 1; for fall drilling, the deadline is October 1.  Time limits the number of acres we can drill in a season to about 100, and we will only drill up to 25 acres per cooperator.  You may call the NRD office in Tecumseh anytime to request the service.

For those needing a grassland drill instead of no-till services, the NRD also has a 12-foot Miller drill for rent.  You must also call in advance to reserve this drill and provide a $100 damage deposit when you pick it up. Actual cost to rent the drill is $9/acre.

Wild Nebraska

Purpose: The primary purpose of the cost-sharing program is to create new wildlife habitat or to enhance and improve existing habitat.

Program: WILD Nebraska is a cost-share based program to create or enhance wildlife habitat.  There are a variety of activities that landowners can cooperate with to accomplish what they desire for wildlife.  These activity categories include Grasslands, Woodlands, Wetlands, and General Activities.  There are activities with this program that are based for management of on of the more common activities.  For example, Prescribed Burning, Disking, Interseeding of Legumes, etc. could follow up Grassland Establishment as a common activity within the contract.  There are a wide variety of activities that WILD Nebraska cooperates with a landowner, so please contact our office if you have questions or are interested in this program.

Administration: The Nemaha Natural Resources District administers this program with assistance from the Nebraska Game & Parks Commission.  Servicing field inspections of both potential and existing contracts, and compliance checks of lands under contract will be provided by the District and Commission, jointly or independently of each other.  Assistance may also be requested from the Natural Resources Conservation Service.  Annually, the District may set priorities and number of practices to be available within the program.

Funding: Habitat improvement practices are funded through a matching arrangement between the Game & Parks Commission and the Nemaha NRD.  The established rate shall be $3 of State funds to $1 of NNRD funds (3:1 ratio).  These funds will be expended by the NRD as defined in the contract and this plan.  Applications are taken from January to the end of June.  Those applications will then be ranked according to priority areas as defined by the Nemaha NRD and the Game & Parks Commission.  Funded projects will be notified and contracts will be written up for those willing to participate.  If funding is not exhausted from the applications taken, funding will be provided to viable projects as they are taken after the July application deadline.

Partners for Wildlife

Improving and protecting fish and wildlife habitat on private land is the goal of this program provided in conjunction with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. You may sign up anytime at the NRD office, and projects may include habitat restoration, management, and protection, technical assistance for wetland restoration, food/shelter for fish and wildlife, grazing plants to benefit livestock and wildlife, native plant restoration, and soil/water quality. Applications are evaluated individually, and reimbursement is determined based upon the type of project.

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