Welcome to Nemaha

Welcome to Nemaha

Welcome to the Nemaha NRD

Protecting Lives, Protecting Property, Protecting the Future…since 1972. That’s when the Nebraska Legislature first charged Natural Resources Districts with a broad range of conservation based responsibilities. However, each NRD is unique with its own specific priorities. The Nemaha NRD encompasses all or parts of the eight southeastern counties in Nebraska, and 21 locally elected directors make local decisions to serve you.


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On Friday, February 26, from 1:00-4:00 an open house will be held in honor of Bob Hilske, former General Manager of the Nemaha NRD. Hilske served as the head of the District for over 18 years and has recently retired. The event will be held at the NRD's office and is open to the public; face coverings and social distancing are encouraged. A virtual option to attend is...Read more...

          We’ve already experienced one bout of winter-like weather this fall, which is a good reminder that you might need a new windbreak. A few rows of well-placed trees can make a big difference in heating bills this winter or provide cooling shade on hot summer days.

            Seedling sales from the Nemaha Natural Resources District begin every year on...Read more...

There are no upcoming events at this time.