Cost Share

Cost Share

Funds are available from both local and other sources for a variety of different projects.

Soil & Water Conservation Program

Soil & Water Conservation Program
Soil & Water Conservation Program

This program is funded by a combination of State and local dollars for conservation practices such as terraces, waterways, grass/tree establishment, planned grazing systems, etc.


Submit applications in person between January 1 and April 15 each year at your local Natural Resources Conservation Service

Priorities & Approval

Highest priority for approval is given to work that may be completed between July 1 and October 1 (fall harvest crop fields not eligible)
Second priority is fall work, contingent on available funds

Eligible Practices (by priority)

  1. Establishing cool or warm season grasses on cropland and/or establishment of trees/shrubs
  2. New terrace, waterway, and underground outlet systems on cropland without existing terraces or structural practices.
  3. Planned grazing systems (cross fencing, livestock water dugouts, livestock well or water pipeline or water tank installation, spring development) – requires 10-year planned grazing system plan on at least 80 acres
  4. Renovation or replacement of terrace, waterway, and underground outlet system
  5. Grade stabilization structures with less than 5 feet of drop and no permanent pool.

Funding & Deadlines

  • Up to $8,000 per landowner; 50% cost-share based on the actual cost or current cost-share docket, whichever is less
  • 60 working days are allowed for most terraces, waterways, and diversions; other practices have varying deadlines but generally not later than June 1

Well Abandonment

Well Abandonment
Well Abandonment

Applications are required in advance for this cost-share program and are available at the NRD office or at the link on this website. You may sign up anytime. Work must be completed according to State regulations and by a licensed well contractor.

Abandoned Well Cost-Share Program Application

Funding & Deadlines

  • 75% cost-share up to $500 for drilled wells and $700 for hand-dug wells (excludes removal of exposed or buried pipes, tanks, pumps, towers, well houses, or other apparatus)
  • Work must be completed within 90 days of approval

Small Dams Program

Small Dams Program
Small Dams Program

This program encourages landowners and counties to install structures that provide grade stabilization, flood control, erosion & sediment control, road protection, livestock water, recreation, and wildlife habitat.

Application Procedure & Requirements

  • Applications must be made at your local Natural Resources Conservation Service office
  • Drainage area may not exceed 300 acres
  • Land rights must be donated
  • Applications accepted year round; deadline for fiscal year determination is July 1
  • Projects must have at least 75% land treatment above

Eligible Practices

  • Flood retarding structures
  • County road dams
  • Grade/sediment control basins
  • Farm ponds

Funding & Deadlines

  • 25% - 75% cost-share with a maximum of $50,000, rate determined based on benefits of each project
  • Upon approval a $1,000 deposit is required from the applicant
  • Projects must be maintained for no less than 25 years
  • Eligible costs may include site preparation, construction, engineering, seeding, fencing, livestock watering device

Urban Special Projects

Urban Special Projects
Urban Special Projects

Projects funded through this program must provide opportunities for natural resources related recreation, interpretation, or education in a primarily urban setting.

Eligible Components (listed in order of priority)

  1. Outdoor classroom/education areas (may include plant identification, walking trails, native tree/grass planting, arboretums, benches, small ponds, wildlife habitat, etc., for organized environmental education activities)
  2. Pond improvement projects (fish habitat improvement, sediment removal, shoreline improvement, aerations systems, boat docks/ramps, etc.)
  3. Landscaping with native plants (trees, grasses, legumes, etc.)
  4. Trails (must have an organized trail plan with clearly identified trailhead areas and available parking and signage)

This program will not fund land acquisition, buildings (i.e. restrooms, picnic shelters, etc.), playground equipment, dirt work for parking lots or playgrounds/picnic areas, sidewalks that are not part of a planned trail system, decorative landscaping, signage that is not educational or interpretive .

Application Procedure & Requirements

Urban Special Projects Application

  • Eligible applicants include any city, village, school district, housing development, organization, or individual (applications from other than a governmental entity will be required to obtain sponsorship from a governmental entity prior to final approval)
  • Projects must be on public property in or adjacent to a city, village, or housing development
  • Intent-to-Apply pre-application must be submitted to NRD office by February 1 each year 
  • If deemed eligible, complete and detailed application package is due by May 1

Funding & Deadlines

  • 50% cost-share up to a maximum of $25,000
  • In-kind contributions may make up 25% of total cost of the project (i.e. 50% of the applicant’s share)
  • Design costs may be reimbursed but may not exceed 20% of the total project cost ($5,000)
  • Projects will be ranked by the NRD board (Add listing/descriptions of previously approved projects.)