Election Day

Election Day

November 6, 2018

Election Day - Don't forget to vote! NNRD board members will appear on your ballot, though none are running opposed. Show them your support by voting for them!

Members up for election: (only the director representing your area and the at-large member will appear on your ballot)

Subdistrict 1:  Tim Loseke, Hickman

Subdistrict 2: Duane Sugden, Sterling

Subdistrict 3: Doug Iske, Dunbar

Subdistrict 4: No candidates filed (Nebraska City area-director to be appointed after January 1)

Subdistrict 5: Kevin Thorne, Nebraska City

Subdistrict 6: Lisa Beethe, Elk Creek

Subdistrict 7: Dan Stukenholtz, Brock

Subdistrict 8: Don Siske, Table Rock

Subdistrict 9: Bill Niedfeldt, Shubert

Subdistrict 10: Alan Romine, Falls City

At-Large: Russel Moss, Burr