Election Day

Election Day

November 3, 2020 - 8:00am to 8:00pm

Don't Forget to Vote!

Everyone in the Nemaha NRD has an opportunity to vote for their representative on the board of directors. This year's races and candidates are listed below:

Subdistrict 1: Robert Lassen, Firth

Subdistrict 2: Michael McDonald, Palmyra

Subdistrict 3: Orval Gigstad, Syracuse

Subdistrict 4 (2-year term): Jessica Donnelly, Nebraska City

Subdistrict 4 (2-year term): Daniel Giittinger, Nebraska City

Subdistrict 4 (4-year term): Daniel Hodges, Julian

Subdistrict 5: Randall Fox, Nebraska City

Subdistrict 6: Robbie Bohling, Johnson

Subdistrict 7: Mike Speece, Auburn

Subdistrict 8: Eldon Snoke, Humboldt

Subdistrict 9: Jon Keithley, Falls City

Subdistrict 10: James Gerweck, Falls City