Director Sought for Board Vacancy

Director Sought for Board Vacancy

The Nemaha Natural Resources District is seeking a candidate to fill a vacancy on its board of directors. As of April 2024, the at-large position is vacant following resignation from director Armknecht.

The NRD’s board of directors will accept written applications from interested, potential directors until the position is filled. Applicants must be registered voters who also meet all other eligibility requirements for holding an elected office and reside within the Nemaha NRD’s boundaries. The position is a two-year term expiring at the end of 2026 (NRD board members are normally elected to four-year terms during the primary/general elections in even numbered years.).

Twenty-one members serve on the Nemaha NRD board and represent 10 subdistricts, two directors per subdistrict, who are elected in alternating election years. One member of the board is elected at-large from throughout the entire District.

Nemaha NRD board meetings are held in Tecumseh on the second Thursday of each month, generally in the evening. Board members are eligible to receive $65 per diem and reimbursement of mileage and other expenses incurred while conducting NRD business.

Individuals interested in this position should address a letter requesting appointment to the Nemaha NRD Board of Directors, 62161 Hwy 136, Tecumseh NE 68450 by Wednesday, May 8, 2024. Applications received will be considered by the Board at their meeting on May 9. For more information, contact the NRD at (402) 335-3325 or your County Election Commissioner.