Nemaha NRD Promotes Stewardship Week

Nemaha NRD Promotes Stewardship Week

The Nemaha Natural Resources District (NNRD), in partnership with the National Association of Conservation Districts (NACD), is celebrating the 69th Annual Stewardship Week from April 28 through May 5, 2024. This year’s Stewardship Week theme is “May the Forest Be With You, Always.”

The NNRD is a member of NACD, which oversees the annual Stewardship Week program, one of the largest national programs that promotes conservation.

“Soil and water conservation are intimately intertwined with forest health,” said NACD President Kim LaFleur. “This year’s Stewardship Week recognizes the importance forests serve in the protection of soil and water resources, preventing erosion, purifying contaminants, and nurturing healthy watersheds.”

The NNRD was formed by Nebraska’s legislature in 1972 to assist the people of the Nemaha watershed with implementing flood control and conservation practices that improve natural resources. “Trees have been an important part of our natural resources and agriculture since Nebraska was settled.” said NNRD General Manager, Kyle Hauschild. “From the time of the first settlers, trees were needed as shelter for humans and livestock. During the dust bowl, it was imperative to plant trees to help reduce erosion of one of our most vital resources, our soil.”

During Stewardship Week the NNRD encourages its citizens to take a little extra time to appreciate the natural resources that enhance our quality of life, specifically trees and woodlands. “Continue to prioritize conservation for future generations. Plant a tree for shade, to curve erosion, and to improve soil water retention.” said Hauschild.

The NNRD is a vital resource to those interested in expanding awareness about the importance of water as a resource for our communities and ecosystems. We rely on water for drinking, swimming, growing our food, and so much more. People need healthy watershed to survive.

This year’s Stewardship Week resources celebrating “May the Forest Be With You, Always” are available for free download from