Upcoming Subdistrict 6 Vacancy

Upcoming Subdistrict 6 Vacancy

The Nemaha Natural Resources District (NRD) is encouraging interested candidates within Subdistrict 6 to consider serving on its board of directors. Redistricting will result in a board vacancy to be filled in the 2024 general election. The position is for a four-year term, beginning January of 2025. Duane Sugden is the other director in Subdistrict 6.

Subdistrict 6 includes portions of northeastern Gage County and the western half and east-central portion of Johnson County, including villages of Tecumseh, Adams, Sterling, and Crab Orchard.

To run for office, interested individuals must live within the Subdistrict 6 boundaries and be registered voters who meet all other eligibility requirements for holding an elected office.  The deadline for non-incumbent filing is March 1st. The incumbent filing deadline is February 15th.

Nemaha NRD board meetings are held in Tecumseh on the second Thursday of each month, generally in the evening. Board members are eligible to receive a $65 per diem and reimbursement of mileage and other expenses incurred while conducting NRD business.

For more information on the Subdistrict 6 boundaries, contact the Nemaha NRD at 402-335-3325 or your county election commissioner.